Tuc Craft Kitchen believes that sharing good food with friends and family is life’s greatest pleasure.

In 2013, co-owners Colin Ross, James MacFarlane, and Roy Flemming turned their vision into reality of incorporating the experience of hanging out in the kitchen with friends into the dining experience. Today, the Gastown-based restaurant & bar serves farm to table food, craft beer, inventive cocktails, and a carefully curated selection of wine in a setting that truly brings to life that feeling of homestyle cooking and hospitality.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Tuc Craft Kitchen lives by their guiding values of authenticity, comfort, genuine care and warmth, and the love and support of things that are local. The founders were determined to build a team of people that shared those same values, and what that has afforded them is a stable staff of 35 employees, which is unheard of in the high turnover industry of the restaurant business.

Ensuring there are no qualms regarding payroll is key to providing support to the employees of Tuc Craft Kitchen. As Colin Ross shared, they previously used a well-known service for their payroll. After meeting with the founders of Rise in person, their interest was piqued and they were curious to know more, particularly because they liked the idea of supporting a small local business, much like themselves. Soon enough, they saw other similar values shared between Tuc Craft Kitchen and Rise, such as the comfort, care, and ease in the services provided, and the match was inevitable.

Colin’s favourite things about Rise

Time & attendance integration

Time & attendance integration

Tuc Craft Kitchen uses their point of sale system to track their staff’s hours. Hours worked are cross-referenced with the employee’s schedule, after which the hours are then entered into the Rise software.

“The idea of having a downloadable integration with our point of sale system was an important factor [of our decision to use Rise].”

Resourceful customer support

Resourceful customer support

“I’ve had a good experience with the customer service team. They are very responsive and get back to us right away. If they don’t have the answer right away, they’ve always managed to find the answer quickly.”

A comfortable experience

A comfortable experience

“It’s simple. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. And it’s reliable.”

Saves time

Saves time

“Because the hours can be automatically inputted, it definitely saves time, and that time can be spent less on data input and more on review and accuracy. End of year processes are a lot easier too.”

Worry free


“When it comes to payroll systems, the less we have to think about it or worry about it, the better. And since we don’t have to think about it or worry about it, we’re really happy.”

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