PlatformPeople, Not Paperwork

People, Not Paperwork

With everything you need in one place—plus real-time syncing of HR + Benefits + Payroll—efficiency goes through the roof. Now you can say goodbye to data entry headaches, paperwork hassles and compliance worries and start focusing on what matters: people.

One-stop Shop

Everything you need, all in one place.

Synced for efficiency

Rise unites Sun Life Benefits with HR + Payroll in a single, integrated platform. Bottom line: you only have to enter employee data once. No re-enrolment. And every time you make a change, employee premiums & deductions are automatically adjusted and synced with Rise HR & Payroll.

Streamlined process

Rise delivers an integrated plan member experience, starting at new hire onboarding that triggers a digital enrolment process. And if there’s a change in life, eligibility or employment status, data is updated accurately and seamlessly across systems in real-time.

One convenient login

Transparent and instant access to Sun Life’s plan member site,, with single-sign on (SSO) means everything can be accessed from one place. No more struggling to remember multiple passwords for multiple systems.

Consistent employee experience

Everything employees need is at their fingertips—online access to plan member booklets, drug & travel cards, claims management—from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. No awkward jumping between interfaces or logging in and out of different systems.

One invoice

Consolidated billing keeps things simple. You’ll only ever have to deal with one monthly invoice. And with no time delays between the payroll and carrier system, you’ll know your bill is accurate.


No need to relinquish your relationship with your trusted benefits advisor. Sun Life and Rise work together with benefits advisors across Canada to give you the seamless experience and flexibility you need.

Reduce Your Risk

Know you’re always up-to-date and 100% compliant.

Rules-based engine

Group benefits admin is rife with complexity. Our precision-driven, rules-based platform lets you sit back and relax, knowing all scenarios have been addressed and ensuring compliance with provincial laws and tax guidelines.

Policy compliance

No more stressing about the rules of eligibility fine print. Our fully-integrated platform ensures compliance with all contract parameters so you’ll never miss a late entrant, termination or over-age child dependant.

Payroll precision

With HR + Benefits + Payroll integration, Rise helps you steer clear of payroll accounting errors and ensures Sun Life will always be up-to-date with changes to employee salaries or status. Plus, you’ll never mistakenly pay out claims to unqualified employees.

Real-time reports

With valuable insights from reports on contributions, payroll, service charges and remittances, plan sponsors can proactively evaluate and fine-tune plan design to minimize costs and better serve the needs of the workforce.


We’ve abolished tedious paperwork and time-consuming admin tasks.

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Only half of employees feel they understand their workplace benefits. We’re here to fix that.

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