Take Control of Your Benefits

Significantly increase the accuracy and efficiency of your investment.

No more calculations

Tired of calculating employee benefits premiums and taxes? Rise manages all your calculations for you, ensuring you’re 100% accurate every time.

Automatically collect from employees

Save the time and hassle of collecting employee premiums every month. Rise automatically collects premiums for you directly from payroll.

Save time with greater efficiency

We’ve eliminated the entire time-consuming loop of adjustments and reconciliations, ensuring there are no costly discrepancies between your Sun Life bill and payroll.

Spend less time on adjustments

Say goodbye to those pesky retroactive adjustments. Our late cut-off policy means you can update your employee data right up to the last business day of the month.
Straightforward, Consolidated Billing

Straightforward, Consolidated Billing

We like to keep it simple. You’ll only receive one monthly invoice and make one monthly payment. We’ll handle remitting payments to Sun Life for you.