Stop struggling with cumbersome, complex benefits admin.

  • No more paper forms—fully digital
  • All-in-one HR + Benefits + Payroll platform ensures efficiency & compliance
  • Simplified, streamlined benefits management
  • Data synced across all systems: enter once, update everywhere
  • Automated premiums management
  • No need to switch advisors

Engage employees to improve their health and wellness.

  • Convenient, tailored employee self-enrolment
  • Engaging and flexible benefits experience
  • Easy to make changes to benefits
  • All the tools & resources employees need at their fingertips
  • Health and wellness marketplace

Tailored employee enrolment

Now employees can self enrol in group benefits by entering all their information in a single online system that personalizes their entire experience.

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Streamline benefits administration

Easily manage plans and make changes with the assurance that premiums and deductions are in sync across systems.

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Automate premium management

Imagine all your group benefits premium allocations, tax treatments, collections from employees and remittances to Sun Life on autopilot.

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